Lissette Margarita Salas Torres, Jackeline Margot Saldaña Millan, Liliana Morales Yanayaco, Carolina Fresya Lizano Espinoza, Carol Giovanna Torres Solano, Karin del Rosario Gamboa Carranza, Esperanza Doraliza Melgarejo Valverde

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1510-1521

This study focuses on analyzing the current situation of teacher training aimed at educational inclusion, using qualitative and quantitative methods from a bibliometric analysis perspective to examine scientific production and impact. Through an exhaustive search in Scopus, 86 relevant documents were identified, of which 78 were selected for review, excluding one duplicate. Most of the documents were articles (73), supplemented by reviews (4). Specific research questions were formulated, and bibliometric tools supported by the “RStudio” programming language were used to calculate indicators such as annual scientific production, average citations per year, the most relevant authors, main sources according to Bradford’s Law, and scientific production by countries. The findings demonstrate the critical importance of teacher training (FD) in the realms of education and policy to enhance inclusion and address the needs of students with diverse abilities. It concludes that FD is important for developing effective teaching and learning competencies, highlighting the need to strengthen existing policies and seize technological opportunities to implement personalized teaching approaches.

Pág 1510-1521, 15 Mar