Ticona Tuanama de Peña Ysabel

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1704-1713

The present study was carried out with the objective of developing a proposal for an open government model for the management of public purchases in the area of logistics of the health sector in the Lambayeque 2023 region, a non-experimental, quantitative, descriptive, transversal approach. and type of propositional study. The population was 3905 health workers and the sample was 350 workers. The survey was used as a technique, applying the questionnaire as a 26-item data collection instrument, validated by the judgment of experts with the v Aiken test, which determined that the agreement on the part of the judges is perfect (V=1) and their reliability. It was calculated with Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient, the result of which was 0.796. The results were analyzed with SPSS V.26 software. It was identified that the level of managerial management in the logistics area is moderate with 40.3% and the level of the preparatory acts component is moderate with 39.1%, the level of the selection process component is moderate with 38%. and the level of the contractual execution component of public works is moderate at 38.3%. Concluding that only the management efficiency ranges between 28 to 29%, and several processes in the preparation of the proposal must be improved.

Pág 1704-1713, 31 Mar