Nélida Ángela Beraún Sánchez, Havila Berrospi Chagua, Sandra Lizeth Ferrer Garay, Joel Cipriano Tarazona Bardales, Katiuska Villasante Vergara de Davila

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1742-1750

The general objective of the present research was to design a didactic strategy based on experiential learning to improve the reading comprehension of students from an alternative basic education center, the specific objectives were: to diagnose the current state of the level of reading comprehension in students from a center of alternative basic education, 2023 and Identify aspects of experiential learning that allow improving reading comprehension. The type of research was applied. The methodology used was a mixed approach and a questionnaire and an interview were applied as quantitative and qualitative instruments for data collection. The results showed that the students are in the achieved range at the literal level, in the process range at the inferential level and in the beginning range at the critical level; It is concluded that teachers need to be empowered with experiential learning strategies and students need to enhance their reading comprehension through experiential methodologies that address their differences and particularities.

Pág 1742-1750, 31 Mar