Nayla Yasenia Rodriguez Sanchez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1775-1782

The objective of this research is to describe describe the relevance of the application of circumstantial evidence in the crime of illicit drug trafficking from the perspective of the administration of justice in acquittals and how they assess the probative effectiveness of each means of evidence; the research approach is qualitative. The population was made up of judges, prosecutors and jurisdictional specialists from the Superior Court of South Lima, the sample applied to the specialists described above and the sample was of a non-probabilistic type and the research collection instruments were an interview guide that were validated through expert judgments and determining their reliability through the reliability statistic. Reaching the conclusion there are deficiencies in the application of indirect evidence in the crime of illicit drug trafficking, generating impunity, which is important to give special treatment in order to reduce the crime rate.

Pág 1775-1782, 07 Abr