Mamani Cruz Ivonne, Vilca Cruz Abigail Yessica

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2701-2709

The topic of collaborative work between teachers and its influence on the quality of teaching and learning is addressed. The key idea lies in deeply understanding this practice and its importance in the current educational context, highlighting its ability to address diversity of students and constantly evolving pedagogical challenges. The objective of research was to analyze and understand in depth how collaborative work between teachers influences the quality of teaching and learning. His approach was qualitative socio-critical in the exhaustive search of academic sources in academic databases and digital libraries. Collaborative work among teachers can improve student performance and teaching coherence. However, there are challenges, such as a lack of time and differences in pedagogical approaches. The fundamental role of teacher collaboration in education and in adapting to contemporary challenges, such as integrating technology into the classroom, is emphasized. Teacher collaboration is a means to improve the quality of education and promote equity, while recognizing the need to address challenges for more effective collaboration.

Pág 2701-2709, 11 Nov