Katiuska Villasante Vergara de Davila, María Eva Delgado Rueda, Nelida Angela Beraun Sanchez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1605-1612

The aim was to describe oral English proficiency among students in a technical institute. Employing a quantitative approach with a non-experimental and descriptive design, the population consisted of 333 students. The study focused on a sample of 62 students from the VI cycle of Pharmacy and Nursing, using non-probabilistic sampling. The research utilized instruments, including a 20-point oral comprehension test and a 20-point oral expression rubric, both validated with reliabilities of 0.856 for oral comprehension and 0.840 for oral expression. It was concluded that, in oral comprehension, the average student score was 9.6, considering the passing grade to be 10.5. Competency levels were identified as 11.3% at the initial stage, 48.4% in process, 33.9% achieved, and 6.5% outstanding. Furthermore, oral expression scores averaged 6.6, with the most frequently occurring score being 4 and competency levels of 56.5% at the initial stage, 38.7% in process, and 4.8% achieved.

Pág 1605-1612, 25 Mar