Volume 21 (2021)

Proposal for municipal budget execution to improve decision-making, in populations of areas with tropical forests in Peru.

The objective of the research was to determine a budget execution proposal to improve decision making in a municipality in a tropical forest area of Peru: Provincial Municipality of Loreto – Nauta, 2022. The research was applied with a non-experimental, quantitative, descriptive and propositional design. The population and sample consisted of 56 collaborators. The technique was the survey and the instrument was the questionnaire.

Pag. 215-228, 31-Dec, 444 kB

Analysis of the time series of monthly precipitation and extreme drought events in the municipality of Carmo do Paranaíba/MG – Brazil.

Rainfall droughts can occur in any region of the planet, regardless of its climatic rhythm, and drought indices are able to estimate the characteristics of these phenomena, determining the beginning and end, as well as their durability over time. Time series are an important statistical tool for extracting information from past data and making projections from this information.

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