Volume 21 (2021)

Estimation of missing temperature data by combining IDW and a truncated Fourier series.

The state of Jalisco presents a high climatic diversity due to its geographical location and its varied landscape. The recorded data, from 1961 to present date, have several problems, the most important is the large amount of missing data. To circumvent this issue, a two-stage method for estimating missing data is proposed; the first uses an unsupervised algorithm; hence it does not require historical data. The second uses supervised interpolation for correcting the error from the first one.

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Management of household solid waste and its impact on environmental quality in the urban city of Laredo, 2021.

The purpose of the research was to determine the influence of the quality of outpatient medical care on the complaints and claims system at Albrecht 2020 hospital. This research was quantitative, cross-sectional and causal correlational. The sample consisted of 146 users of the external consultation; the instruments were valid and reliable. The information was processed with SPSS V26 software. The results were presented in frequency distribution tables. The survey technique was used with two Likert scale questionnaires. The in-formation analysis was carried out using descriptive and inferential statistics, as tools for data processing, the statistical program SPSS, version 23, was used.

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Evaluation of climatological series provided by Reanalysis databases for a locality in the center-north of Venezuela.

The management of meteorological information is essential in the planning of agricultural systems. For this reason, it is necessary to have meteorological series with long, complete and quality data. In its absence, an alternative is to use of reanalysis series, provided they present good precision to the meteorology from which they are evaluated. In this research, the precipitation, maximum and minimum temperatures of the ERA 5, Merra 2 and Terra climate reanalyses were assessed, on a daily and monthly basis, with respect to the series of the INIA CENIAP station, in Venezuela.

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