Volume 21 (2021)

Wavelet Spectral Analysis: A Concise Review.

This article presents a short but concise review of one of the most used techniques in signal processing, the wavelet spectral analysis (WSA) via the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) for the uni- and bi-variate cases. This mathematical tool is very useful to analyse any kind of data that are not stationary, that is, data that their main statistical properties (such as the mean or the variance) can change with time.

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Urban constraints of Seville (Spain) against meteorological extremes. Century XVI.

This article estimates the behavior of the weather in Seville during the 16th century. In particular, the period between 1519-1522, which coincides with the first circumvallation of the globe by Elcano Magallanes. The beginning and end of said voyage was the river port of Seville, exactly 500 years ago this year. The urban conditions of the city in the face of climatic risks are described and documentary information, collected from different historical sources, details the most relevant weather. This enables us to examine the climate history within the context of the general history of the city.

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Climate change in Peru. Implications for environmental policies.

The effects of climate change that are being generated worldwide, the governments of the world are concerned and committed, through the development of environmental policies to reduce and / or mitigate harmful natural disasters in the society and economy of the peoples. Therefore, the Peruvian government raises the need to reduce pollution from the main productive activities, through the implementation of standards that allow regulation and regulation. In this context, the research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of environmental policies against climate change in Peru.

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